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   美国派斯宝勒大陆投资公司 财务顾问是指金融中介机构,根据客户需求,站在客户的角度为客户的投融资、资本运作、资产及债务重组、财务管理、发展战略等活动提供的咨询、分析、方案设计等服务。所提供的大的顾问项目主要有:美国派斯宝勒大陆投资公司投资顾问、融资顾问、美国派斯宝勒大陆投资公司资本运作顾问、资产管理与债务管理顾问、企业诊断与发展战略顾问、企业常年财务顾问、政府财务顾问等。

Financial consultancy refers to that, the financial intermediaries, in accordance with customers’ needs, from the customer's point of view, provide consulting, analysis, program design and other services for the customer's investment and financing, 美国派斯宝勒大陆投资公司 capital operation, assets and debt restructuring, financial management, development strategies and other activities. The large consultancy projects include: investment consultancy, financial consultancy, capital operation consultancy, asset management and debt management consultancy, consultancy for enterprise diagnoses and development strategy, corporate annual financial consultancy and government financial consultancy.

   美国派斯宝勒大陆投资公司 国际贸易业务板块主要是服务于我公司在华投资企业,为其设备原材料国际采购、终端产品国际销售和参与境外项目招投标方面提供便利,减少国内项目建设成本、拓展投资企业的盈利能力,美国派斯宝勒大陆投资公司 提升投资企业的国际形象,并最终实现投资收益最大化。

International trade is to serve for the enterprises invested by our company in China, to facilitate the international purchasing of raw materials, international sales of terminal products and bidding of foreign projects, reduce domestic project construction costs, expand the profit ability of investment enterprises, improve investment enterprises’ international image, and finally maximize the investment profit.